About ME:

I always knew I wanted to adopt, from the time I was a young girl I had been fascinated by adoption. My mom had been adopted as an infant so I understood from a young age that adoption was just another way to come into a family.  Shortly after high school my best friend placed her beautiful baby girl for adoption and I was blessed to be along for the ride of finding an adoptive family.

I had always imagined that my life would go like this:  Go to college, find my husband, adopt a lot of kids, live happily ever after.  So imagine my surprise when college came and went and no husband had magically appeared.  There had been some serious relationships, some that I thought might even be heading towards marriage.  However, adoption always seemed to be a sticking point.  I thought I could make the relationship work that they would eventually come around to the idea of adoption, but wouldn't you know they were all pretty insistent on just having kids "of their own".  Not that I was opposed to the idea of having children birthed from my own loins, but I wanted to adopt first.  So off I went graduating college, still thinking my husband would be right around the corner.  I began teaching special education and later moved into an administrative position.  I began attending law school at night and eventually graduated and passed the bar. A few years went by and I realized that I still felt a strong desire to have children in my home.  I figured that becoming a foster parent would allow me to fulfill the desires of motherhood while waiting for a husband that would share my desires to adopt. 

So at 27 years old, I went through my local county agency, completed the classes and homestudy, and was licensed.  Two weeks later I got a call for a sibling group of three boys who needed a place for the weekend.  They were 5, 21 months, and 7 weeks old at the time.  The joke was on me :)  Three years later they are still here and are now my forever children!  We are still dealing with the effects of their early childhood trauma and struggle with RAD, PTSD, ADHD, and Bipolar issues, but have made tons of progress.  I still haven't found a husband and quite frankly I'm fine with that at this point in our lives.  We have opened back up our home to more foster children and are open to adopting again (fingers crossed it's a girl!).  If the right person comes along, great, but for now I am enjoying being a Mommy :)


  1. sooo, I think blogger ate my comment. :) so glad I found your blog, random find on Pinterest! here's me:


    following along!

  2. I think it is great that you had these dreams and went ahead and did them! I can't imagine being a single mom, you rock!

  3. I'm so excited that I found your blog! At 26, single, and seriously considering foster care, I have not found much support in this world for me. Finding your blog has been amazing, because now i know that it's been done, it gives me more confidence to continue pursuing it. Would you welcome questions from a newbie?

  4. I have been coming back to your blog a few times already, and if I keep tweeting pages from your site people will start suspecting some kind of affiliation!

    Thanks for sharing your experience and for all the advice on your blog.

  5. I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm 25, single, and just submitted the beginnings of my paperwork to be a foster parent. My mom was a social worker. She was, and still is a huge influence in my life which propelled me into this idea. My sister and her husband are also thinking of adopting (eventually).

  6. My sister and I are both single and are about to move in together, I am 18 and she is 21. We both have had a dream of adopting for a very long time, as long as I could remember myself, my sister is now old enough to apply and is looking into starting the paperwork. Any tips that would help for beginners? Thank you!

  7. God Bless you for fostering and adopting. My beloved foster parents literally saved my life and saved me from the sexual abuse my sisters endured at the hands of my evil father.
    God Bless You, Maxine Archibald a very grateful former foster child.


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